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Contractor Referral Service

Referrals come from lots of places, but which ones are the best ones, the ones you can trust? The one based on one good story? The one that came from a website unable to control or authenticate its reviews? When you get our slate of referrals, it’s custom matched to you and your project. The time-consuming tasks have already been done for you by experienced professionals.

In 2014 SoCal Home Improvement Referral Service changed its name to Slate Ltd because having a slate of professionally vetted referrals to choose from, is where homeowner protection begins. Read more>>>

Remodeling Advisor

If your upcoming project is unlike what you’ve been through before, why would you go it alone when you could have an advisor at your side? If you have been through it before, do you think this time it should go better? We have been involved with over 6,000 home remodeling projects. We know what you need to get your best outcome and we know what you need for the experience you’ll go through to reach it.  Read more>>>

Educational Programs

Come for a few hours; leave feeling strong and confident about moving ahead. Learn what the smart choices are and what the pitfalls are that homeowners often fall into. Discover critical steps to include in planning a project and executing it. Attendees agree – they wish they’d had this information before their last project. It would have saved them time, money and emotional costs.  Read more>>>