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Founder’s Story – Penny Spark

Like most people, Penny Spark knew there were lots of contractor nightmare stories, but she never thought it would happen to her. But it did. She hired the contractors her well-meaning friends had referred and then learned the hard way, that a good reference or two wasn’t enough. Not only that, since those other jobs had finished the contractors had changes in their lives that she (and most customers) didn’t know about. Divorce, financial problems, health concerns and other factors had impacted the contractor’s business. And their trusted, long-term subs had turned over and the new ones didn’t have the same quality skills. Credentials, insurance policies and supplier relationships had waned. Penny ended up getting the very shoddy, corner-cutting work she’d hoped to avoid.

There had to be a better way.

In 1999, Penny opened SoCal Home Improvement Referral Service, now named Slate Ltd, to be that better way.

What Makes Slate Ltd Unique

Our service performs due diligence on remodelers and home improvement contractors in order to find the safest and smartest ones to hire.  Those with craftsman quality skills who represent the best of their profession. People who are not only good at what they do, they’re good people…honest, ethical, people of integrity who can be trusted with someone else’s home. They have demonstrated these traits over and over again.

These findings are coupled with the benefits of building relationships…with both the remodelers and the homeowners. This gives us the power to provide exemplary personal service. We make custom matches so homeowners get what they want. Our service caters to those who appreciate the value of the vetting; they understand how it helps them.

With other referral sources, contractors pay to become members. They pay to get leads. They pay for rankings. They pay to advertise and have greater exposure.

This is not the case with Slate Ltd. Contractors cannot pay to affiliate with Slate or have perks. Their affiliation is based exclusively on verified merit. Their continued affiliation is determined by ongoing compliance with our rigorous standards. Our monitoring and tracking systems insure this. Company revenues are generated when homeowners are happy and pay their contractors. Then, a contractor pays us a small referral fee.

We are the only service in this space that earns revenue only after a client is satisfied.